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Supporting women to build better lives for themselves


Right Hand Woman


This year we chose to invest in our own sustainability and growth, paying two members of our leadership a modest part-time salary.

We provided extensive ongoing Right Hand Woman support to our grassroots partners and supported over 600 women through three rural Women's Hubs in Nepal and a brand new Computer and English Lab for women and girls in Cambodia.


Articulating and owning the unique value we provide our partners.



In Nepal, we cultivated three rural Women’s Resource Hubs, providing 622 women with a space to come together, access and share skills, take out business loans, and find legal support when they need it. We immersed ourselves in community, ideated and tested new program models with our grassroots partner, and built a portfolio of future programs.


In Cambodia, we began an exciting new journey into the world of digital literacy and the ways technology can enhance the empowerment of women and girls, launching a pilot Computer and English Lab. Over the course of this three-year project, this Lab aims to provide over 300 women and girls with the skills they need to work and compete in a growing local tourist economy, access vital information and services, and participate in the global economy.

Right Hand Woman

To our grassroots partners, we continued to be Right Hand Woman - our name for a unique partnership model where we provide in-depth, cross-cutting support to our partners wherever it is needed. That means at once being a sounding board, a program design consultant, a knowledge sharer, a business analyst, a marketing team, a partnership broker, a confidant and friend. We invest our head, heart and hands in our partnerships, and a lot of human hours and effort.


We are ever grateful to our generous community of supporters and donors, our volunteers, our Board, our international partners, our Trailblazing Women of Herstory exhibition participating artists, and to everyone else who has made a contribution to our work during the year. 



women supported through three women's hubs in Nepal



weeks immersed in community


computer and english lab launched in cambodia



part-time staff


You can support women to determine their own lives.