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Supporting women to build better lives for themselves


Monthly giving that takes guts.

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Let's face it, we all buy stuff we don't need. But did you know that for as little as $1.25 a week or $5 a month - that's just one coffee or chocolate bar a week - you can help put practical skills and resources in the hands of women leading change in their communities around the world? 

The concept is simple.

Choose one small thing you want to buy less of, and instead put that money towards a recurring monthly gift. We will use it to get skills, business loans, information and services into the hands of women in Cambodia, Nepal and beyond. Hover over the donation form below to see what your contribution could help us provide.

The women we work with have the guts to make great change in their communities. Now it's your turn. Have the guts to Give Up The Stuff, and give women around the world the chance to build a better life.

Sign up to a monthly donation of your choice below.

Don't forget to share pics of yourself and the thing you're giving up using the hashtag #giveupthestuff

Other ways to show your support:

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