Floods. Festivals. New Family Members.

Floods. Festivals. New members of the family! The Women's Foundation Nepal has had a lot on its plate over the last few months. But even with this all going on, we are thrilled to tell you that SIXTY FOUR new members have signed up to our Women's Hubs in Eastern Nepal over the last 3 months.

That means 686 women in Nepal now have FREE access to information, resources and services that they didn't have access to before.

But what does this actually mean? Let's get specific. In the last 3 months alone, 11 women have received business loans to grow their businesses, as well as training in loan management. 47 women have attended hands-on training in animal husbandry. And over 400 families have received intensive support following the recent South Asian floods, including training on water-borne health risks and how to mitigate them.


The Women's Hubs have also supported 12 women to pursue justice in the face of intimate partner violence. The Hubs are often the first port of call when a woman is facing violence at home and often the primary mediator between those involved. We are eternally grateful they can navigate this with such skill. We're looking to provide the Hubs with a lot more support in this area over the next year and beyond.

We are so proud of the Women's Hub program, and want to scale it in 2018 to reach another 2000 women.

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Briony Mackenzie