Faces of change in our community

Briony and Sophia

We first met Sophia Rayat in person weeks before her competition final. We'd only ever corresponded over email and she'd already run three fundraisers for us in 5 months, raising $7500. For anyone who's ever run a fundraising event you'll know what a feat this is, let alone for one person.

With barely a moment to make introductions and spilling over with infectious warmth, energy and life, Sophia launched into an exegesis about her passion for our work and women's empowerment. We listened spellbound as she told us of her experiences as a young Indian woman migrating to Australia. Of her experiences of family suicide, of violence and oppression and of finding strength in other women and in herself. She had tears in her eyes. Listening to someone speak with such passion and heart is a rarity.

Over the last six months, Sophia has raised almost $7500 for The Global Women's Project across four fundraising events, as part of her involvement in the Mrs Australia pageant. She emerged victorious as first runner up in the competition, and intends to use her newfound platform to be a voice for women's rights and equality on a global scale. The funds she raised will go towards our many programs supporting women in developing communities to build better lives.

We are grateful for the diversity of ways our supporters choose to make thier waves of change in the world. And because of her passion, drive and commitment to women's rights globally, we've invited Sophia Rayat to be one of our first ever ambassadors. 

Sophia, we're so thrilled to have you on board.

If you think you've got what it takes to be ambassador for The Global Women's Project, please get in contact.

If you are experiencing suicidal thoughts, here are some support services you can connect with in Australia:

Beyond Blue


And in the USA:

Suicide Prevention Line

The Trevor Project

Briony Mackenzie