Business Incubator Cambodia

We're partnering with Cambodia-based social enterprise, SHE Investments, to deliver an evidence-based business incubator program which is tailored specifically for women in Stung Treng Province and delivered by Khmer women. 

Grassroots partner
Stung Treng Women's Development Centre

Coming soon

Start date
Early 2018

20 women in preliminary program. Potential to scale significantly.

65% of businesses in Cambodia are run by women, but most of these are informal or micro-sized. There's great potential in women-led businesses to create solutions to local problems, but women often lack the resources and support to take their businesses beyond micro-size. 

The SHE Investments program provides women with the tools they need to overcome the barriers facing them in business, enhance their confidence, leadership, and decision-making power within households, businesses and communities.