Computer and English Skills Lab Cambodia

We're giving 320 women and girls in Stung Treng Province the computer and English skills they need to take advantage of a growing local tourist economy, and to thrive in an increasingly technology-driven world.

Grassroots partner
Stung Treng Women's Development Centre, Cambodia


Start date
August 2017

80 women and girls per year
320 women and girls over the life of the project

Problem we're addressing
Women and girls are being left behind by technology, which limits their ability to participate in the economy, and their ability to access information, resources and services. A lack of English also impacts women's choices in an increasingly tourism-driven region.

Job opportunities in an increasing tourist economy in the region of Stung Treng that depend on computer and English language skills. Job opportunities in data services that require computer knowledge.

Teaching women and girls the skills they need to keep up in an increasingly technology-driven world, and to take advantage of opportunities afforded by a growing tourist economy in Stung Treng.