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Supporting women to build better lives for themselves

our vision

A world where every woman has choice, independence and power to create change.


At The Global Women's Project, we believe every woman and girl in the world has the potential to make great change.

Unfortunately, not all of them have the same opportunity to. There are many cultural, political and social forces threatening to force women into the shadows, to deny them of their rights and make sure their voices remain unheard. 

We are not okay with this.

That's why we have one sole purpose - to give women around the world the tools and resources they need to build better lives for themselves, their families and communities. 

We provide women with access to information, skills, resources and community.

Information so they can know their rights and how to access them. Skills so they can start and grow their own businesses or find jobs. Resources, like loans, so they can grow their businesses. And places of community, so they can lean on each other and so that they have somewhere to go when they need support.

Since 2013, we've provided over 2500 women in Cambodia and Nepal with tools like these. Over the next five years we have an ambitious plan to reach another 20,000.

We are The Global Women's Project - a registered Australian non-profit organisation determined to do things differently. 

Our work is driven by the local women we work with. We don't prescribe solutions. We don't make excuses if things don't go exactly to plan. We don't tie funding. This kind of work is messy. Natural disasters, economic instability, conflict - that's the world we work in. Our job, our only job, is to support the women we work with to realise their aspirations. 

Our work is powered by women, for women. We've joined forces with local women’s organisations in Cambodia and Nepal to help power the change they want to see in their communities and countries.

Today there are over twenty of us - women, men, staff, volunteers and community members - all working together across Australia, Nepal and Cambodia.

Over the next five years, we're going to take the change truly global.

Come and live with us in our world - one in which every woman has choice, independence and power to create change.

The Global Women's Project is proudly independent and relies on generous donations to do our work. Make a tax deductible donation.

Mekong Blue, the social enterprise established by the Stung Treng Women's Development Centre to provide training and employment opportunities for women.

Mekong Blue, the social enterprise established by the Stung Treng Women's Development Centre to provide training and employment opportunities for women.


Our Six Big Ideas


Put women first

Women need the tools to take action themselves. Everything we do is about helping women unlock that power.

Strengthen local women’s groups

The places we work are already full of remarkable organisations of remarkable women doing remarkable work. We amplify their impact by opening up opportunities for them.

Promote real change for equality

The challenges facing women are systemic. The system needs to change, and women need the tools to play a leading role in changing it.

Smarter programs

We are continually seeking out better ways to work, and are not afraid to change our approach if we discover a better alternative.

Sharing and learning

We aren’t secretive or protective. We collaborate generously with all of our partners. After all, working together is at the very heart of feminism!

Don’t mess about

We run a tight ship. We spend our money wisely, we run our programs efficiently, and we show our working. This is how we build a sustainable organisation and a lasting movement for change.


Our five year plan

Over the next five years we want to take ourselves truly global.

We'll connect 20,000 women, from our global support base, to the women impacted by our work in order to scale programs that are changing lives, like our Women's Hubs Resource Centres in Nepal, and launching new ones.

We'll integrate a leadership component across all of our programs, fostering thousands of women to take on positions of power and lead change in their communities.

We'll explore how technology can help us build smarter, more effective, cutting-edge programs, including how it can better support women to access information, services and financial products all over the world.

We'll remain committed to learning and growing, keeping women's own needs, challenges and aspirations at the centre of everything we do.

And we'll be focusing on forming collaborations and strategic partnerships to help us get there. 

Does this sound good to you?